The start of something great.

I always have this brilliant idea to step on the scale every time I’m at someones house, and I spot a scale in their bathroom. I regret it afterwards, of course, because seeing that number is a real let down, & can really ruin your mood for the rest of the day. Clearly weight is […]

Fall into Love – Pumpkin Pie Mixed Nuts!

I’ve had this ridiculous craving from anything Pumpkin lately. I just want to eat or drink it 24/7. I was browsing the internet on September 1st, when I stumbled up on these made by Planter’s. I asked around everywhere I shopped at, but no one had seen them yet. I couldn’t wait any longer.. I […]

Healthy Eats – Mini Chocolate Covered Pretzel ‘Ice Cream’ Sandwiches!

These things are AWESOME! A healthy, yet satisfying snack! Mini Chocolate Covered Pretzel ‘ice cream’ Sandwiches You’ll need; 1 package 100 calorie chocolate or yogurt covered pretzels 3-4 tablespoons Fat Free Cool Whip, frozen Sprinkles Directions; Scoop a small amount of frozen cool whip in between 2 mini pretzels. You’ll most likely have 1 extra pretzel […]